Zeredah Khoury

IDF Sniper/ Ascending One


Age: 24
Job: Israeli Defense Forces Sniper in the Caracal Battalion
Height: 5’6"
Black hair, dark skin, dark eyes.
Hobbies: Lifting Weights, the Gun Range, Singing
Middle child, has a younger sister and an older brother.


Recruited into the Ascending Ones 5 years ago with her sniper spotter and best friend Rat. Rat died a year later after succumbing to the poison. She went to Egypt after his death to learn the original ways so that it wouldn’t happen to anyone else. Now, she mostly trains new recruits. She has the skill to use high-level elixirs and even carries some but she tries not to use them. She kind of wishes she could get out of the vigil but she doesn’t know where else she’d be welcome with her particular skills so she stays. Hunting’s not a game to her. A necessary evil. She doesn’t have any sort of monster that she hates particularly, just whatever shows up and starts killing people. Quiet, keeps to herself. Prone to singing cheerfully during tense combat situations.

Zeredah Khoury

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