Dr. Reina Abandona

Talbot Group handler


Mental Attributes Intelligence 4, Wits 1, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes Strength 4, Dexterity 2, Stamina 1
Social Attributes Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3
Mental Skills Academics 4 (Psychology), Occult 4 (Werewolf Lore)
Science 3 (Physiology)
Physical Skills Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Weaponry 2
Social Skills Animal Ken 4 (Wolves)
Methodology Conciliator
Willpower 6
Morality 7
Virtue Justice
Vice Greed
Initiative Mod 5
Defense 1
Speed 11
Health 6

Merits Cost Effect
Eidetic Memory 2 No rolls are needed for the character to remember an obscure fact or past experience, unless Reina is under stress such as in combat. Under stress, there is a +2 modifier on Intelligence + Composure/any other skill based roll for memory recall.
Brawling Dodge 1 Whenever Reina performs a dodge, her Brawl Skill dots are added to her Defense instead of doubling her Defense.
Ambidexterous 3 Reina does not suffer the -2 penalty for using her off-hand in combat or to perform other actions.
Status (Talbot Group) 4 Reina is a seasoned investigator with the scars to prove it, and she is well respected among the Talbot Group. She gains Contacts, Allies, and Unseen Sense from her extensive experience.
Contacts (Talbot Group) 2 Reina can call other members of the Talbot Group for information.
Allies (Talbot Group) 1 Reina may ask minor favors from other members of Talbot Group, such as information about clients that others may be handling.
Unseen Sense 3 Reina can tell from her experience when she is in the presense of someone possessed by a spirit. This extends to werewolves. Reina watches carefully for signs of possession, and has about 75% accuracy. Roll percentiles – below 75%, Reina correctly identifies. Above 75%, she makes a mistake.
Equipment Uses Size Cost
Clicker Used to train animals, +1 to training, +2 to rolls once trained 1 1
Reinforcement (Treats) Used to train animals, roll Wits+Animal Ken+1 vs animal’s Wits+Composure N/A 1
Weapon Damage Ranges Capacity Strength Requirement Size Cost
Silver plated combat knife 1(L)(A to werewolves) N/A N/A 1 1 2

Dr. Reina Abandona

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