Anna Goody

Friendly neighborhood park ranger


Mental Attributes Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes Strength 1, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Social Attributes Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Mental Skills Invesitgation 2 (Missing persons), Occult 1 (Inuit/American Myths), Politics 1
Physical Skills Athletics 1, Drive 2 (Icy roads), Survival 4 (Alaskan Tundra)
Social Skills Animal Ken 1, Empathy 2, Peruasion 3, Socialize 4, Subterfuge 1
Willpower 6
Morality 7
Virtue Charity
Vice Gluttony
Initiative Mod 5
Defense 2
Speed 8
Health 8

Merits Cost Effect
Danger Sense 2 +2 modifier on reflexive Wits + Composure
Direction Sense 1 Your character has an innate sense of direction that instinctively allows him to remain oriented. He can enter unfamiliar territory and always retrace his steps back to his starting point, and can orient himself to any of the compass points (i.e., face north, face south) without references.
Contacts (Maidstone, Park Rangers) 2 Any success on Manipulation + Persuasion or Socialize roll means that she can ask her contacts for information.
Equipment Cost Effect
Survival Gear 3 Tent, foot, etc. Good for three days of survival
Flashlight Baton 1 2(B) (No penalty as improvised weapon)

Anna was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She isn’t very close to her parents, who are now retired and living in a small suburb, but she is close to her two siblings, an older brother named Carter and a younger sister named Brooklyn. Originally, she and her brother wanted to both be cops together. However, after Carter and Anna went through law enforcement training – exact same place, exact same training, exact same scores, exact same times – her brother got hired in Milwaukee, and Anna couldn’t get hired at all. It didn’t matter that she was was just as competent as Carter, it seemed that the police just didn’t want to hire a friendly blond woman to be anything but a secretary. Angry and disillusioned, Anna started applying for other jobs. Eventually, she got hired by the National Park Service, and moved to Lake Superior to start working at the Apostle Islands.

Things eventually settled back down. For a while, things were tense between Carter and Anna, but Anna found that she liked working for the National Park Service. There was a lot less violence, and a lot more actually helping people and being around animals. It was frusterating at times that people just didn’t seem to listen to her, but Anna was always a people person, and she found ways to deal with her annoyance. The only time where it really bothered her was when a group of campers who insisted on being let into the park after hours. They said that they were cops – although their IDs were clearly faked, and from her law enforcement background, Anna knew they were full of shit – and that they had something to protect. Finally, in frusteration, one of them burst out that there were evil mermaids attacking the islands, and Anna needed to let them through so they could help.

Anna burst out laughing, and turned them away. She was pretty sure that wasn’t going to stop them, though, so she came back into the park later, after everything had closed. As she explored the coastline, she saw the group from before fighting something on the beaches. Anna got closer, raising her voice to yell — and then she saw the creatures.

They weren’t mermaids. They were barely even fish like. They had long claws – almost no arms, just claws – and huge, bulbous eyes. They were thrashing in the waves as the group tried to take them down, but one saw Anna, and started to claw its way towards her, dragging its body out of the waves and onto the sand.

Anna ran. The group kept fighting, but Anna ran. She went back to the ranger station and collapsed in one of the lobby chairs, shaking. About an hour later, the group came back and asked for her help in both disposing of the bodies and tending to the injured. One of their group had died, and they needed help in getting him out without anyone knowing. Anna helped the group clean up, but only with a promise that they would let her in the group. The group, after a moment of hesitation, allowed her to join.

Unfortunately, it was short lived. Their cover up wasn’t perfect, and the park authorities learned that something had gone on at the park that night. They couldn’t be sure what – there wasn’t any evidence, or at least not evidence that they would believe – but they weren’t pleased with Anna as the on duty ranger. She was reassigned, to a remote town in Alaska. At first, Anna was desolate. She had to leave her brother and sister, her hometown, her new group. She didn’t have anything in Alaska. She even considered quitting, which was probably what the Park service was hoping she would do. But she ended up taking the transfer, and moving to Maidstone, Alaska.

It was the best decision she ever made. Anna ended up adoring Maidstone, and settling firmly down there. She’s since gotten opportunities to join the Maidstone police, or to transfer somewhere warmer, and she’s turned them both down. Anna’s even started up the Vigil in Maidstone, and for a good five years, she was the only one protecting the entire town. Not that it was very hard. Maidstone and the nearby town of Deshkat Cove are less than 1,500 people total. But when Pearl moved in, Anna was clearly the first person to call. Anna’s now been bought into Pearl’s quest, and is helping her with the local area as best she can. If anyone has any questions about the local Maidstone area, Anna is the person to call.

tl;dr Anna used to work for the Park Service in Wisconsin until she got involved with a group of Hunters working at the parks. She got blamed for the mess, transfered to Alaska, and now has taken up the Vigil in Maidstone.

Anna Goody

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