Camp North Deception

The Ghost, the Dog Whisperer, and the Nightclub

a heartwarming tale of religion

Dr. Reina Abandona introduces herself as a member of Talbot Group and a werewolf handler. The werewolf in question, by the way, is George, who isn’t very pleased about being outed. George is one of the few remaining people to have had contact with Cindy, the leader of the Lightbringers, before she went completely over the deep end. As a werewolf, it’s possible that he can track her scent—find her, identify her, important stuff like that.

Pearl gathers the party together and gives them an assignment: bodies have dropped in Rhode Island, and it’s up to our crack team to find out the who and why. After a suspiciously non-eventful plane ride, the ground team, consisting of all player characters plus George and Reina, arrive at a home in a well-off suburban neighborhood. The lock is broken and the team hustles inside.

The team quickly finds four stiffs— a mother and father dead downstairs, a sister and brother upstairs. All have had their throats cut.

The teenage boy’s corpse has been tampered with; around him is a sun-like sigil drawn in his own blood. Marrinn easily recognizes the symbol as some sort of soul-trapping device; the boy’s soul was stuck inside his own rotting body. After various attempts by Tamila and Kim to persuade or scare the boy’s soul into cooperating, Zeredah uses an elixir to make contact with the boy’s mind. The boy believes he had been killed by Chris Berry, a member of some sort of religious group affiliated with an Ashwood Abbey nightclub downtown. Tamila finds a way to release the boy’s soul to the afterlife by destroying the sigil; unfortunately, Zeredah temporarily goes along for the ride.

Downstairs, George and Reina investigate the dead father, finding evidence of a second murder method—blunt force trauma to the head. This leads George to believe there may have been two people or things in the house. When the upstairs party shares what they learned, the mention of Ashwood Abbey triggers George into transforming into his wolf form. Before anyone can react, Reina faces him down and calms him using a dog-training clicker. She explains that George has been tortured by Ashwood Abbey, and will react violently to them or to any suggestion that he be put into the trunk of a car.

The neighbors, a pair of eerily similarly-dressed Yuppies, alerted by the sound of George’s transformation, arrive at the door. After a little difficulty, Tamila and Gina convince them to leave. Meanwhile Linkton is able to hack the family computer and tracked down Berry’s physical addresses—a local address, and one in Milan. Zeredah and Linkton identify the religious group as the Lucifuge, a group of “sons and daughters of Satan” with demonic abilities, based in Milan. George says he’s been to Milan, and that “that’s where they were going to take Cindy.”

With two new leads— Chris Berry’s address and the nightclub—the party decides to focus on the nightclub first. George and Reina remain in the car while Tamila, um, “charms” the bouncer, earning everyone a ticket in. Gina and Tamila question the barkeep and learn that this Berry fellow is not well liked, and that he works for some group that plans to buy out the bar. The barkeep also mentions some sort of religious conflict going on, but does not reveal anything concrete.

Meanwhile, Zeredah busts some moves and singlehandedly earns herself a pass to the back rooms. Kim, Tamila, and Mitch come along as her plus-three, and enter the back room to find cages containing creatures—a werewolf, a fish-person, and some other monster. Their purpose for being here is, as of now, unclear.



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