The Erqigdlet

A violent, cannibalistic tribe with dogs' legs and human bodies.


Physical Skills Strength 7, Dexterity 4, Stamina 5

Size 7
Initiative 7
Speed 16
Health 12
Willpower 6
Defense 2

Attack Damage Dice Pool
Bite (Dread Attack) 2 (L) 13
Claw (Dread Attack) 2 (L) 13
Merit Cost Dice Pool Consequences Modifiers
Lurker in the Darkness 1 willpower 7 Dramatic failture, monster draws attention to itself. Failure, shadows fail to gather. Success, monster gathers all the shadows in the area to itself. All successes add to the Dex + Stealth dice pool. Can move at a speed up to twice its own speed. Can take no other action. Exceptional success, all looking for the monster suffer a -2 penalty to Wits + Investigation. +1 at night, -1 bright lights, -3 sunshine on monster
Terrify (Laughter) 1 willpower 10 vs target’s Resolve + Composure Dramatic failure, target runs. Failure, monster fails to frighten the target, but may spend another Willpower next turn to try again. Success, target flees the scene as quickly as possible, and will not stop running until she reaches a location she considers to be safe. Exceptional success, success plus target loses a point of willpower. N/A

Ignore wound penalties / do not roll for unconciousness
Regenerate a point of bashing per turn
Heal lethal damage as if it is bashing (one per five minutes)
Cannot use complex tools
Cannot roll for Social / Mental


The Eriqigdlet (ERR-qwig-DIL-ette) are a race of half dog, half human creatures. They tower over Inuit and Europeans alike, typically seven feet tall, and have red and white fur, like their father. Their legs are those of dogs, and they can run incredibly fast. Their upper bodies are typically human, except that their faces are pointed and dog like, and they often have ears and sharp teeth. The Eriqigdlet hunt at night, looking for hunters who are out by themselves. They will stalk the hunters, bring them back to their camp, and rip them apart and eat them. The Eriqigdlet prefer the fresh meat of humans to any other food, but they will feed on livestock if humans are unavaliable. They live in northern enviroments, and have been spotted everywhere from Greenland to Alaska. The only known thing that the Eriqigdlet fear is fire.

According to legend, Niviarsiang (NIHV-ee-ar-see-aang) lived with her father, Savirqong (SAHV-ear-quong), but would not marry. She rejected all her suitors, until one day, a dog named Aselu (A-slew) with red and white spots broke free from a tether and ran into her home. Niviarsiang married Aselu, and of their ten children, five were dogs and the others were Erqigdlet. The Eriqigdlet were born with dog’s bodies for their lower half and man’s bodies for their upper half. Aselu did not go hunting and the children were hungry, and so Savirqong was forced to provide for the noisy household. After a long time, he grew sick of it and sent them to a small island. He told Aselu to come and get meat daily. Niviarsiang hung a pair of boots around his neck to collect the food, but Savirqong, instead of giving him meat, puts stones in the boots and Aselu drowned. In revenge, Niviarsiang sent the young dogs to gnaw off her father’s feet and hands.

Scared for her children, Niviarsiang sent the dogs to an island across the sea, while she sent the Eriqidglet inland. The Eriqidglet now live in isolated communities across Canada and Greenland.

The Erqigdlet

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