Roshan Iyer


Age: 51
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Indian
Nationality: American
Height: 5’9"
Languages: English, Hindi
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For a man of fifty Roshan looks well. His hair is black and kept short and clean, though these days there are a few streaks of grey around his temples. When he smiles you might notice crooked front teeth and crowns on two of his molars. He has prominent crows’ feet wrinkling the corner of his eyes and a dated pair of glasses perched upon his nose. More often than not he keeps himself clean shaven. His laugh lines are not as deep as they often are for men his age.

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 2

Academics 3 [specialty in Psychology]
Investigation 1
Medicine 3 [specialty in First Aid]
Occult 1
Science 3
Athletics 2
Drive 1
Steal 1
Empathy 1 [specialty in Personality]
Persuation 3
Subterfuge 3 [specialty in Mind Games]


(tl;dr he has a wife named Anna Iyer and a werewolf patient who ran off one day.)

Born in Seattle, Washington to two Indian immigrants. Roshan is the youngest of three siblings and has an older sister (Parvati, 59) and Niraj (61). He was inspired to be a psychologist after seeing his brother’s friends coming home shell-shocked during the Vietnam War during a time when military psychology was just beginning to be understood. He went to university and graduate school in San Diego where he lives today. Now he’s a psychiatrist with a specialty in military psychology.

He has a wife named Anna. Anna is sweet and able to call Roshan on his shit, she is unaware of monsters. They met at the hospital that he occasionally works with. They are childless, but not by choice. This created a bit of a rough patch in their relationship that they have not completely gotten over, but otherwise they’re quite happily married. She is unaware of Roshan’s dabblings in Null Mysteriis, a fact that is causing him quite a lot of stress. Part of his motivations for learning more about the supernatural beyond simple scientific curiosity is hoping he can learn enough to help protect her.

Roshan’s first introduction to the supernatural was his patient— Anthony Winters. Anthony was a werewolf anger issues and had been integrated back into society, but not perfectly. Roshan hadn’t been aware of Anthony’s furry little problem until he went missing under odd circumstances. Roshan was called in by the police to help locate Winters, and the circumstances of his disappearance were strange, to say the least. He certainly didn’t have a rational explanation for it. There looked to have been a fight, which would often mean an abduction had taken place, but the claw marks on his furniture and the lack of blood suggested otherwise.

He began to research, stumbling upon videos posted by Network Zero. At first it was an awkward, embarrassing sort of research. He’d do it in his spare time and change windows if his wife entered the room. His initial reaction was to dismiss it. Roshan’s introduction to the Null Mysteriis was full of skepticism and doubt. He remains a small time member, still focusing upon his work in the observable world. He knows the theories of hunting, but has never killed anything on his own. The more he learns, however, the harder it is to forget the dangers that may or may not live across the street from him.

Other Notes:
Anna Iyer-Bishop’s face claim is Julianne Moore.

Roshan Iyer

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