Mariana Soldago


Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 134 lbs
Race: Latino
Nationality: Colombian
Languages: Spanish, English, Kuna


Mariana Soldago (Marinn for short) is a Penitent with the Loyalists of Thule. She is sent into dangerous situations, usually in urban areas, because she has the knowledge and experience to handle herself well. Her primary goal is to find secret texts and artifacts that could be used in dangerous rituals and confiscate them before they can be used. She has an ability to see connections and build networks that enables her to do the research necessary to find such artifacts, and come up with strategies to get those artifacts.

Marinn is understandably not the most light-hearted of people, but she does have a certain sarcastic sense of humor. Her patience with other people is short, and she can be abrasive. However, she does knows when to be quite and not express her opinion. Like most Loyalists of Thule, she keeps a lot of secrets but will share her occult knowledge if she thinks it will do some good. Making friends is not easy for her, but once she respects someone, she will make an effort to get along with them, even if she disagrees with them. Her research is what truly inspires her, and she is fascinated by the occult.

Mariana Soldago

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