The unholy offspring of Wolverine and River Tam


(warning: big fuckoff tl;dr to follow.)

Kim is the unfortunate result of crossing (most of) a four-year-old girl and what’s left of a dissected werewolf that was lying around a Cheiron lab somewhere. After the Accident, she was equipped with numerous thaumatechnological implants—the claws, muscles, motor neurons, and regeneration abilities of the werewolf, and maybe one or two other bonus features from Cheiron’s metaphorical bag of tricks. Because Cheiron is nothing if not cost-efficient, and those implants don’t pay for themselves, she was trained from that tender age to kill and put to work as a “Problem Solver” for Cheiron. Mostly, they point her in the direction of a problem, and she solves it. Via liberal application of her claws.

Because of her less-than-typical upbringing (and perhaps a not-insignificant dose of brain damage) Kim is, in many respects, still that four-year-old girl. Though she can read, it is a slow and arduous task. Similarly, she can’t do even the most basic of math and knows nothing of history. She has picked up some science: she lives at Cheiron; it practically oozes through the walls. She is ignorant of most aspects of the world at large, and will likely ask seemingly stupid questions, make silly assumptions, and generally fail at pretending to be a normal member of society. This is not to say she is unintelligent, or incapable of learning. Though she is, and will likely remain, emotionally and socially stunted, she can learn and retain information just as well as anyone else.

To Kim, the world is divided into two groups: People and Things. “Things,” she’s allowed to kill. “People,” no. “People” used to comprise only Cheiron officials, her handlers, etc. “Things” meant everyone else, like that pale, blood-sucky individual Cheiron had her track down in a suburb of Paris, or the captured, half-mad werewolves they’d pit her against in ever-more-difficult “Tests.” Sometimes Things could look like People, but they weren’t, they were Things, and killing them meant she was a Good Girl.

Recently, however (read: just now, after getting dropped off in Alaska), she has come to realize there are a whole lot more People in the world than she originally thought. She’s friendly to People, but childish, and will express affection in rudimentary ways, such as giving the gift of food. (Similarly, any reciprocal gift of food will please her, and is an easy way to prove oneself to be “People” and win her trust; Kim approves +50).

When she meets a Thing, though, all bets are off. She wants to be a Good Girl; Good Girls kill bad Things. Things, by the way, include hostile supernatural creatures, but also animals, suspicious-looking ferns, and any human who has not been proven to be People. She will kill without hesitation and with no remorse, but generally not unless provoked or else prompted by Cheiron or whoever she feels to be in charge at the time.

When not actively on a hunt or amusing herself in the woods, Kim will spend most of her time eating and sleeping, trying to fuel the demanding metabolic needs of her implants. She’s an extremely heavy sleeper and grouchy when awoken, so good luck with that.

Current “Approval” (I know no one cares but it pleases me to add this thing, ok?)

Marinn +2 For snowball fights and voluntarily spending time in Kim’s presence

Dougal +1 For participating in a food exchange, and also generally being cool

Zeredah +1 For being the obvious responsible party in a tactical situation

Mitch +1 For the jerky

Everybody else— neutral.


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