Gina Lagai

Journalist/Keepers of the Source


Profession: Journalist
Age: 27
Race: Navajo
Nationality: American
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 3

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2

Presence 1
Manipulation 4
Composure 3

Academics 2
Investigation 3 (Data collection)
Occult 1
Science 1

Brawl 1 (Mixed Martial Arts)
Larceny 1 (Lockpicking)
Stealth 1
Survival 1

Empathy 3
Expression 1
Intimidation 2 (Interrogation)
Persuasion 3
Socialize 2


Gina grew up on the Navajo reservation in Utah. She is very closely tied to the land. When she was young she would often go with her mother to environmental protests. Her mother knew a lot about the pollution on the reservation, she had spend her life gathering evidence, but it had never been enough. Uranium mining in and around the reservation had left the water polluted, and Gina can feel it. She can hear the tortured cries of the earth as pollution tears away at it. It is an ability she’s never fully understood, but it has helped fuel her desires. Gina’s dad, on the other hand, was a white hunter who came into the area looking for game, and love with her mother. However the laws of the reservation prevented him from being able to stay. Gina’s mom, instead of going with him, decided her duty to her people was more important and she stayed. This was before she knew she was pregnant. The two never saw each other again.

Her uncle Gary taught her how to fight, and even entered her in a few secret matches for some cash (her mother was against such things). She became adept at mixed martial arts and was the best fighter in her part of the reservation by the time she was 18. It was around this time that Gina’s mother got sick. Cancer was a common thing on the reservation because of the Uranium still in the soil, sickness in general was very common. Gina, who who’d been contemplating going to school for journalism, decided to stay behind and take care of her mother.

Three years later her mom dies, and Gina blames it on the Uranium pollution. She’s had three years for her resentment to grow and her anger to boil. She knows it’s the Uranium, but she can’t prove it. Her resentment of the Navajo position in the world and their view as inferior to the rest of the US makes her angry. She begins to do more than protests, she joins a local group that does minor acts of vandalism against polluters. She buys a lock picking kit and learns how to use it. Breaking and entering becomes her Modus Operandi. She gathers evidence in each place she enters, using it to build a case against the polluters and for her people.

She practices her journalism in her spare time, writing fiery articles for the reservation newspaper and sending letters to corporations blaming them for what’s been happening to her people. She has a strong sense of justice and not only wants to see the Navajo compensated she wants to see the people responsible pay.

She has always been social, willing to talk to anyone about her beliefs, but she also has an ability to make people listen to her. After four years of gathering intel and traveling to other places across the country she felt she was ready to create a big exposé. But somehow they figured out what she’d been doing and they found her. She was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison. All of her research was lost.

While in prison she meets woman who tells her of a group that makes protection of mother Earth a priority. He tells her about their violent methods and about the justice they manage to get. Gina is intrigued and fleeces the guy for all that he knows. When she finally gets out she searches for the people he spoke of, The Keepers of the source, and eventually she finds them. She goes to one of their meetings and is hooked. She thinks this might be a way to find the information she lost.

They tell her why she feels the pain of the earth, and suddenly everything makes sense. She now understands why she can feel the energy flowing under their feet. It isn’t until the third meeting that they mention the witches that use the source for magic. While she’d grown up with a certain amount of spirituality and ancient native American lore, her modern mind had never truly believed it. The idea of a witch is almost enough for her to leave, she is a rational thinking journalist after all. But then she sees a witch with her own eyes, feels what it does to the earth around her. And realizes what the true fight to protect mother earth is. Finding the answers to her mother’s sickness and finding justice for her people is still important, but now she’s found another link in the puzzle.

Gina, Now 27, is willing to do anything in protection of the Earth, but she has yet to kill a witch. She aligns herself with the Hands of Gaia, the violent sect of the Keepers of the Source, because she is willing to do anything for the Earth, but she has yet to kill a witch herself she has only helped others to do it. She is the person that breaks in and leads groups in and she also gets information out of people. She knows that as she grows in status she knows she going to have to kill a witch, and shes prepared to do so, because they are evil and harm the earth. But her methods of interrogation and getting information are invaluable to the group and they are starting to take more notice of her.

Gina Lagai

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