Camp North Deception

Welcome to Camp North Deception

the adventure begins

Each one of the Hunters was contacted through their organization and offered a chance at a special mission. Some were given more infomation than others, like that they would be fighting a cult, that the Lucifuge was somehow involved, or that a mother had lost her son. After gathering from all over the world to an unspecified location, the Hunters were introduced to Pearl Choe, who told them what their mission was. Pearl’s son Morgan had been kidnapped by a growing cult called the Light Bringers. The Light Bringers was focused on bringing down the Lucifuge, exposing them as the sons and daughters of Satan and riding the Earth of their influence. The cult was rapidly gaining traction, both among those who had taken up the Vigil and religious fanatics, and some chapters were growing violent. Pearl wanted a team of specialists who could help her get her son back safe and sound.

First, though, she wanted to test them. Pearl let her second-in-command, Lt. Emmett Hill, talk specifics. There was a nearby camp of monsters called The Erqigdlet that had been attacking campers, and would probably attack the camp before too long. They had to be dealt with, so they weren’t a threat to the camp.

After a quick shopping trip (since not everyone was prepared for Alaskan wilderness) everyone returned to Camp North Deception for dinner, where they met park ranger Anna Goody. Anna told them the story of the Erqigdlet, and let them know that if they had any more questions, they could ask her. However, she and Lt. Hill couldn’t actually help them fight the Erqigdlet. After everyone went to bed, Tamila heard something in the woods. No one could actually identify the creature, though, so everyone went back to sleep.



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