Camp North Deception

Let's go hunting

pt 2. of the adventure begins

Everyone bundled up, packed some weapons, and gathered outside. The only person there was Anna Goody, who had bought a map so everyone could see where she had seen The Erqigdlet in the wilderness. After some convincing by Mitch and Gina, she drove out to the area with everyone. She promised to be at the nearby ranger station, and waved goodbye to all of them as they left.

Mitch tracked the footprints of the creatures to a lake near where Anna had seen. Zeredah set up her sniper rifle, Kim got her claws ready, and Mitch and Marinn protected the “squishies” in the back. Together, Zeredah, Kim, and Mitch took down three of the creatures, and after Marinn got hurt protecting the squishies and Roshan expertly patched her back up, Kim delievered the killing blow on the last Erqigdlet. The other Erqigdlet hiding in the forest were so impressed that they ran away, and didn’t attack the Hunters on their way home.

Anna drove everyone into town for medical treatment, and then back to the camp to rest. Lt. Emmett Hill’s little brother Max Hill was visiting, although after LinkedIn nearly revealed the Vigil to Max like a fucking idiot, Lt. Hill quickly hurried him away. As the Hills left, two newcomers joined. Pearl introduced them as Dr. Reina Abandona and her companion George Butler, and told them that George was one of the last person who had dealings with Cindy.



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